Art-@-WB2This one originated from Scout Editions.

Did you know, pigeons belong to the same family as doves – the Columbidae family? There are some famous pigeons in history, from Cher Ami who carried a crucial message contained in a capsule that was attached to his leg during WWI. And G.I Joe was one of the most famous pigeons in history, who helped save the British troops by delivering a very important message to them in time.

This was illustrated by Pui, a London based Graphic + Product Designer.

Thanks to We Built this City for pulling the collection together for us.

Bull & Terrier

Art-@-WB3We loved these so much we had to get a few.

Artist Kerry Eggleton of Mashka’s Marvellous Menagerie creates vibrant and characterful anthropomorphic animals. Anthropomorphism has ancient roots as a literary device in storytelling, and also in art. Most cultures have traditional fables with anthropomorphised animals, which can stand and talk like humans, as characters. One of the oldest known examples is the Lion man, a human-shaped figurine with a lion’s head carved from a mammoth tusk, estimated to be 40,000 years old.

Intrigued by these hybrid forms which resonate throughout history and across cultures; Kerry has created contemporary characters in the style of a Victorian engraving, harking back to the golden age of the British circus.

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Punky Monkey

Art-@-WB4This print is from Rugman Art, who’s credentials are pretty impressive.

Over the last 15 years, Anthony has worked as a graphic artist in the fashion industry. He has traveled, worked and lived in Glasgow, New York, LA, Paris and London.

His clients have ranged from Donna Karan and Calvin Klein to Vans. Along the way, he helped found first Amplified clothing which was very successful in the early 2000’s and more recently his own brand Rum Knuckles. He now does consultancy work within the industry and is heading up projects with big names like New Era and Mitchell and Ness.

As an artist, Anthony has done many solo shows (most recently at Ben Oakley Gallery) and been involved in groundbreaking group shows exhibiting alongside the world’s leading street artists, most notably Cans Festival and Cans 2 organised by Banksy and Pictures on Walls, where 500,000 people visited on the opening weekend.

His art has been exhibited in Barcelona, New York, California, Dublin, Stockholm and London and streamed seamlessly into the commercial world where he has collaborated successfully in projects with Hypebeast, Red Bull, NVIDIA, Edwin Jeans and Saatchi Gallery.

Thanks to We Built this City for pulling the collection together for us.


Barraband Parrot

Art-@-WB5We started with a couple of prints from Kristjana  and have recently added this third one. We love her work, and it appears many others do to.

Icelandic born artist Kristjana S Williams studied graphic design and illustration at Central St Martins and quickly gained critical acclaim as Creative Director of Beyond the Valley for 8 years.

In 2012, Kristjana S Williams Studio began creating fne art pieces, art prints and furniture.

Her illustrations juxtapose strong graphic lines with intricate victorian engravings creating incredibly striking and unique art work. Comprising of very intricate collages of material that have been collected from victorian engravings, photographs taken, found objects and real leafs and twigs.

Inspiration lies heavily with layering nature upon nature and ‘the symmetry in all things living’ which stems from the artists childhood in Iceland. When growing up the artist found nature there stark and unforgiving. Never seeing trees or colourful butterfies or exotic fowers – everything seemed grey. Now in retrospect, feels the complete opposite as though the colours and landscape are like nowhere else in the world. Each piece created by the artist is it’s own universe of botanicals, atmosphere and animals, each born and grown from the things that have inspired her since being a child in Iceland.

Williams’ work has become well known throughout the industry, 2013 saw the studio Highly Commended for ‘Best Use of Colour’ at the Dulux Colour Awards. In 2014 Kristjana has already won a D&AD award, a New York Festivals Grand Prix & First Prize and lastly shortlisted for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

Thanks to We Built this City  for pulling the collection together for us.


Art-@-WB6This print is from the uber talented Fly Chen.

Fly has a great love for modern art and in particular pop art.  He is drawn in by the strong contrasting colour palette in pop art works and has seen this influence his own colourful style of drawing. He is constantly observing the world and life around him, looking for those flashed of colour that so attract and stand out to him.

Fly is inspired by other artists who use colour in a bright, often abstracted ways such as Allen Jones, Keith Haring, Yuko Shimizu and Tom Wesslmann. He aims to create work in common with theirs that is bold in its approach and yet often edging on surreal in its presentation and content.

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Hummingbird Cocktail

Art-@-WB7This delightful little print is from Robbie Porter (link: robbieporter.co.uk) – an award winning Scottish illustrator who claims to currently be ‘getting lost in London’.

We would happily have a whole wall of his stuff!

Thanks to We Built this City  for pulling the collection together for us.


I Like You

Art-@-WB8We original had this little cutie plus a number of other prints from Jolly Awesome proudly displayed in our toilets, but all but one of them were stolen!

So we’ve repurchased and decided to bring them out into the restaurant (where we can keep an eye on them).

Here’s more about Jolly Awesome.

Jolly Awesome is a design-led stationery and gift brand founded in the summer of 2014 by London-based Illustrator Matt Nguyen.

What started as Matt’s passion project quickly grew into an awesome international brand and you can now find their greetings cards, gifts & prints in hundreds of the nicest retailers around the world including Paperchase, ASOS, Scribbler and Urban Outfitters.

All Jolly Awesome ranges feature Matt’s original illustrations and designs, influenced by his love of British pop-culture, street fashion, funny looking animals and his childhood fascination with all things Americana – those 90’s Saturday morning cartoons, 80’s cult movies and Hip hop.

Matt aims to create products that are authentic to himself and his passions, never floundering on this promise. This ensures we will always remain fun, humorous and on-trend – a mix that is in the DNA of all our products.

Thanks to We Built this City for pulling the collection together for us.


Art-@-WBThis one’s from Rude Ltd they design, they draw and they make stuff).

Here’s a little about the folks at Rude.

In 1998 Abi & Rupert met at a London design agency. Their shared love of illustration and print making made their decision to start a company together easy.

As trained graphic designers their passion for print and applied art began with a collection of screen printed t-shirts. This quickly grew into an international street brand and before long the couple were producing fully printed collections.
Around this time Rude opened a flagship store called ‘Let’s make T-shirts’, which housed the collections and offered bespoke screen printing services on site. This service earned external commissions to illustrate, design and manufacture for clients such as The Tate, Urban Outfitters and The National Theatre.

Recently Rude’s hand drawn illustrations and screen prints have been commissioned for poster art by TFL and The Royal London hospital. Whilst Veolia, a waste management company, commissioned a worldwide tv and poster ad campaign.

Thanks to We Built this City for pulling the collection together for us.