Pete Brown co-creates beer and food matches in our Summer menu

Beer matched with dessert

We love matching beer with food.  And for our Summer menu, we got together with Pete Brown to create a highly versatile and comprehensive beer menu that works in harmony with our food.

We worked together to co-create delicious matches such as our hot and sticky chicken wings perfectly balanced by our IPA, Wild Beer Fresh. Or for those looking for something sweeter, we matched our exotic mess with our fruity wheat beer, Schneider Weisse.

Executive Chef at Whyte & Brown, Paul Fletcher, said,

“Many people are only used to matching food with wine however beer is actually more food-friendly in many ways. It has a wider variety of flavours to play with when food matching”.

Pete Brown is Writer of the Year 2009 and 2012 and author of the highly acclaimed ‘Man walks into a pub: A sociable history of beer’.

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