World Cancer Day

IMG_82434th February is World Cancer Day, which is very close to the heart of our head chef, Mark Sorrell, who has been raising money for Prostate Cancer UK for the past 2 years. We thought we would take this opportunity to find out more about Mark and his amazing charity fundraising.

So Mark, how long have you been at W&B?

I’ve been here a year – this time around. I did a couple of short stints before and loved it so much I had to come back!

And what did you do before W&B?

I studied at the University of West London and gained a first class degree in Culinary Arts Management (he said with a rather smug smile). Then I did a few bits and pieces before W&B including working for John Lewis and also with Tom Kerridge at The Hand and Flowers.

What do you like about working at W&B?

It probably sounds super corny, but the team here is great. We genuinely all get on really well. We work hard, but have a laugh at the same time.

And what’s your favourite dish on the menu?

Buttermilk chicken burger – no question. It’s a winner!

Can you tell us a bit about your fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK. What got you involved?

Like most people, I guess, it’s born out of personal experience. One of my favourite people on the planet, my grandad, died in 2014 from Prostate Cancer. And my other grandfather, plus two uncles, have subsequently been diagnosed.

So what have you been up to, and how much have you raised?

Last year I raised £2.4k through a mixture of things. I cycled from London to Amsterdam; held a five-a-side footie tournament; and hired myself out to friends and family to create 5-course dinner parties. I’m doing it all again this year, plus a quiz night at the restaurant. Fingers crossed I’ll raise even more this year.

Prostate Cancer UK must love you?

Everyone I have dealt with there has been great. They do an amazing job supporting people through cancer, and generally raising awareness. Us blokes aren’t always very good with health issues!

Quick Fire:

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

Tea or Coffee? Tea

Superman or Spiderman? Spiderman

Football or Rugby? Football

Town or Country? Country

Latin or Ballroom? Ballroom

Tell us something that people may not know about you?

I’ve played the guitar since I was about 12.

So music is important – what are the last 3 artists played on your Ipod?

The Smiths, Joy Division and Johnny Cash

Keep up the good work Chef! You’re an inspiration in and out of the kitchen.


Summery holidays, home entertainment

If the thought of entertaining the kids at home during the long summer holiday is making your hands a little sweaty – this is for you. We’ve got some great ideas for easy and fun things to do at home.


Make a fort!

Making a fort is a win-win situation. You’ve already got all the stuff, the little ones can’t get hurt and it’s surprisingly easy to put away when all is said and done. Grab some pegs, blankets, pillows, cushions and find a good spot. An easy option is to use chairs and sofas to hang your blanket over. The kids will love having somewhere to hide away and read, play cafes or just hang out in. You’ll be surprised at how satisfying fort building can be!

Set the kids loose with some chalks

Not in the house! This isn’t as scary as it sounds – we promise. If you’ve got a patio just hand over those chalks and let them have at it. Children love creating masterpieces on anything other than paper and the bonus of chalk is that the rain will get to it (or you can get the house out!). Don’t forget to tell them that drawing on the floor is an outside only rule though!

Bake some yummy treats

Don’t worry if you’re not quite on par with The Bake Off! There’s lots of easy little things you can make that will still go down well. Think chocolate cornflake cakes, gingerbread men and fairy cakes. BBC Good Food has an entire kids baking section with lots of fool proof recipes that we think are definitely worth checking out.

Finger (and toe!) painting

This is another outdoorsy one that’s great in the summer. But this is London, so if you haven’t got a garden we recommend downsizing the activity to do in your kitchen. Get hold of some big pieces of paper and some paint to set up in the garden. Put them in some old clothes – but if the paint is washable you won’t have to worry about it not coming out in the wash anyway! Once they’ve finished you can hose the area (and them!) off. If you’re sticking to the kitchen just ensure the paint is washable so you’ll be able to wipe it off the floor (you can also put newspaper down if this puts your mind more at ease!). Easy peasy.

X marks the spot, send your kids on a treasure hunt!

Actually, no sending is really required! This is one that can be done in the house, the garden or even at park. It requires a little bit of setting up, but nothing complicated. You’ll need to create some clues that lead on to each other (be sure to number them so you don’t get yourself confused!) and put them in the relevant locations. Hide a little something fun at the end for the kids to find. Treasure hunts are great because they’re very easy to adapt to your children’s age groups. Got older kids? Keep the clues riddled and cryptic. Got tiny little ones? Do the clues in picture form.

Work off some energy with a home disco

You can take this one as far as you fancy. Keep it simple by turning the lights down and the upbeat music on or go the whole hog by decorating and encouraging the kids to dress up. Perfect for a day at home!

We’ll be coming up with some ideas of places to go and things to see during the summer holidays soon. As the holidays draw in we’ll also be posting some useful tips and links on Twitter so connect with us @whyteandbrown and keep your eyes peeled!

Retreat to the Court

Kingly CourtKingly Court is situated just off the well known Carnaby Street. In and around Kingly Court you can find many gems – including us, of course!

Carnaby Street became popular in the 1960s when the independent boutiques, designers and underground bars it housed really took off. Kingly Court launched as a unique hub designed to reinvigorate the Carnaby scene (although it didn’t need much reinvigorating!). It’s three tiers are filled with independent stores, vintage shops, boutiques, a wide variety of fantastic food and a few chain stores too.

Here in Kingly Court you can dine alfresco – a rare experience in central London! We, and other restaurants, have ample seating room for visitors to soak up the rays whilst they enjoy their meals and drinks. The courtyard is roofed in the winter to keep the bad weather out and open in the warmer months to make the most of the British summer!

We highly recommend you duck out of hectic central London and into the more chilled vibe of Kingly Court. There’s always lots going on throughout the year here, so make sure you follow @CarnabyLondon and us too @whyteandbrown to hear about what we’re all getting up to!


Festival Dos and Don’ts

In the last few years the festival scene has really exploded with the number of available tickets expanding from 1.2 million to 1.8 million across UK festivals. With amazing artists, food to die for and a selection of fantastic activities and classes everybody is getting in on the act. With that said festivals do have a lot to throw at you, so here are our dos and don’ts:



  • Pack more baby wipes than you can ever imagine needing
  • Bring warm and waterproof clothing – wishful thinking doesn’t keep the rain away!
  • Choose a festival that has some artists you know you’ll love
  • Take plenty of spending money
  • Go with a partner in crime so you can look out for each other


  • Leave your wellies are home – it isn’t worth the risk!
  • Go anywhere without settling on a ‘meeting place’ in case your group gets separated
  • Leave without seeing an act you love
  • Go home without trying something new!

Most importantly, wherever you go and whatever you do, make sure you enjoy the experience! Music gives you a chance to unwind, relax and let your hair down – have fun!

National Vegetarian Week

share-logoIt isn’t just London Wine Week, it’s National Vegetarian Week!

Now, we know that we’re a chicken and beer restaurant but that isn’t to say we don’t think about vegetarians!

National Vegetarian Week 2015 is ran by the Vegetarian Society and is on from Monday 18th May – Sunday 24th May. Rest assured, you can get involved! There are lots of little bits and bobs going on around the country and you can check out what’s going on in London the National Vegetarian Week website.

Whilst you’re on the website you can also take the time to check out some fabulous meat-free recipes.

Here at Whyte & Brown we do two great vegetarian salads – our courgette ribbon salad with chilli and mint dressing and our fresh quinoa and halloumi salad. Pick from of our selection of vegetarian starters, sides and nibbles and you’ll be good to go!

Christmas parties at Whyte & Brown

Christmas roast dinner at Whyte & Brown

Looking for a central London restaurant to host your Christmas party?

Our spacious restaurant in Soho comfortably caters for large parties making it the perfect venue this Winter.

We make the ultimate roast with brined chicken (cooked with a healthy glug of beer) that comes with goose fat roasties, greens,  cocktail sausages, roast veg and all its cooking juices. Click here to look at the full menu.

Prices start at £25 per head. Call 020 3747 9820 and book your Christmas party at Whyte & Brown.


See us at this year’s Scotch Egg Challenge

Caesar Scotch Egg

Next week, eateries from across the nation will be battling it out at the fourth annual Scotch Egg Challenge.

We’ll be pulling out all the stops to win this year’s title of Scotch Egg Champion.

Show your support (and get some free tasters too) at 7.30pm on Tuesday 16th September at the Ship in Wandsworth where we’ll be doing a live cooking demonstration of our own Caesar Scotch Egg. Follow the event with the hashtag #ScotchEggChallenge.

Guest post: Tasty CELIA Marinated Squid Recipe

Marinated squid

The guys over at CELIA (who supply our delicious gluten free beer) have kindly shared this fantastic recipe for CELIA Marinated Squid from their restaurant Vozars. Tender squid steeped in chilli, herbs and beer, what’s not to like? Read on for the recipe:

 Recipe (serves 4)

400g Squid

1 bottle of CELIA Lager

2 lemons

2 small red chillies

3 cloves of garlic

1 handful of finely chopped parsley

2 Red peppers



Olive Oil

Salt flakes & ground black pepper

Fresh summer herbs (preferably thyme & rosemary)



Pre-heat your oven to 180 deg C

Cut each baby squid into 3 parts and place in a large mixing bowl. Cut each lemon in half and squeeze over the squid. Make sure that no lemon pips remain in the bowl.

Finely chop 1 of the chillies and 1 garlic clove before seasoning to taste with salt, pepper and parsley. Leave to marinade in the fridge whilst you roast your peppers.

Cut the red peppers into strips, dress with olive oil and oven roast them for 15 minutes. When they are soft, dress them with balsamic vinegar and fresh summer herbs. You can use whatever you have at home but we suggest thyme and rosemary.

Cut up the rest of the garlic and chilli, fry for about a minute or until the garlic begins to colour. Then add the squid and pan fry for 1 minute. Add half a bottle of CELIA and fry for a further 30 seconds.

Take the squid out of the pan and place your vegetables on a plate, put the squid on top and finish the dish with olive oil, salt, black pepper and olives.


Recipe for Strawberry Mojito cocktail

Bartender making cocktail


Make this W&B favourite at home with the recipe:

What you’ll need:

50ml of Doorly’s gold rum

sugar gomme,

2 finely sliced fresh strawberries

3 smashed mint leaves mint

dash of soda



Preferable using a pestle and mortar, mash the sugar, rum and mint together. Mix with strawberries and pour our over crushed ice. Top up with soda and garnish with mint leaves.

Let us know how you get on over on Twitter or Facebook!




Meet our artisan bread supplier – Henry


Henry is passionate about creating artisan bread. That’s why he works for The Flour Station, an  artisan bread maker dedicated to bringing new standards of baking to London.

Since their humble beginning in Borough market back in 2002, The Flour Station has developed a delicious range of breads and pastries, inspired by traditional techniques and classic flavours. All of their products are hand-made using truly authentic baking methods and they use only top-quality, natural ingredients. One of his mother doughs (a fermentation starter used in bread making) came from Jamie Oliver’s partner in crime, Gennaro Contaldo, and has been kept alive for over 60 years!

Henry reckons the growing popularity of sourdough bread is to with its health benefits as well as its unique taste and texture. His natural doughs are left for up to 24 hours to develop which gives the enzymes in the yeast more time to break down the gluten. As a result it produces bread that’s easier to digest.

Here’s what we find out about Henry in our quick-fire interview:

Fixie or montain bike?

Fixie (Well he is a Londoner after all…).

Umbrella or raincoat?


Tomato ketchup or mayonaise? 

I’m a sucker for ketchup – can’t get enough of the stuff.

Hotdog or burger?

Hotdogs – loved the chicken hotdog special at W&B.

Lager or ale?

Has to be ale. My favourite is Kernel India Pale Ale or the Camden Pale Ale (good choice).

Lake District or Cornwall?

Lake District. Too many memories of drunken teens in Torquay!

Marmite or strawberry jam?

Marmite. Definitely a love relationship.

Want to try Henry’s artisan bread? Try our South-Coast Crab on Toast or our Club Sarnie, or just have it straight up with herb butter.