centrepointWe know young people sleep rough every night – in parks, stairwells, under bridges and worse. But there are thousands more we don’t see – spending the night on buses, on sofas or in the home of strangers. They’re escaping abuse, violence, gangs and fear. Many are homeless because they can’t live with their family, or they have no family. More than 150,000 young people ask for help with homelessness every year.

Centrepoint is an amazing charity with hostels in London, Bradford and Sunderland, and partnerships all over the UK.

Their aim is simple – to end youth homelessness and give young people a future.

They do this by helping young people into a safe place to live, giving them a health assessment, and planning support for their individual mental and physical health needs. All of this helps start them on a path to more independence and a job.

Two years ago we ran a Christmas campaign at Whyte & Brown supporting the charity, and we’re delighted to be repeating it again this year.

All festive diners at W&B are receiving a bag of golden chocolate coins with a special tag attached. Bring this tag back into the restaurant for dinner in Jan or Feb next year and we will not only give you 50% off your food, but we will also donate £2 per tag to Centrepoint.

Team Fashionista


Our gorgeous team here at Whyte & Brown has always been filled with interesting and talented individuals. Whether it’s behind the bar or serving your table, all of our staff have a great story to tell.

In today’s post we want to talk about our resident fashionista, Greta. She’s been with the restaurant for over two years. But as well as W&B, Greta’s passion lies in designing and creating beautiful clothes. Since starting high school at age 11, Greta has been obsessed with the fashion industry. She started studying fashion design from an early age and then progressed on to University in her home country of Italy. Since moving to the UK, she’s been looking for a way to unleash this passion and talent and has recently found the perfect outlet in Bricklane Market.

img_9101In the summer this year, Greta started working with an east-end designer called Klaudia Krol who specialises in cool and quirky customised jackets. The pair create incredibly intricate hand-made designs that sit perfectly on vintage jackets and have become a roaring success. With a focus on attention to detail, these jackets are truly works of art!

With the new year rolling up Greta and Klaudia (under the name ‘Red Leatherette’) will be finding a new studio to expand their east London based collection.

To check out Greta’s work, and more amazing vintage finds, head over to the ‘BrickLane Vintage Market’ and say hi.

Welcome to Carnaby – The Estee Edit


With new shops springing up on Carnaby Street around Christmas, the shopping vibe is taking over! We visited our newest arrival ‘The Estee Edit’ on their launch day to see what everyone is talking about!

The shop itself is a beautiful mix of Estée Lauder’s staple products, including their famous Double Wear foundation & their life saving Advanced Night Repair serum, but the other side of the store has a quirky little twist.

On the left hand side of the store is the new concept by Estée Lauder is the new ‘The Estee Edit’ which features Kendall Jenner as the current face of the brand. With palettes that add glam and glow and an amazing Carnaby Street exclusive makeup set, the store will have every makeup lover satisfied and wanting more from the store.

Our favourite feature of the store was the incredible selfie mirror which captures your glamorous look after a make-over or just for fun whilst shopping.

Super Souvlaki


Our Chicken Souvlaki has been a favourite dish here since we introduced it a couple of years back – here’s a bit of background.

The birthplace of souvlaki is believed to be the island of Santorini in Greece, back in the 17th century.

Inspired by this traditional dish, our souvlaki is adapted in each new menu to include seasonal produce. Presented in a traditional way on a skewer, the current souvlaki rests on a bed of sweet potato hummus, drizzled with tapenade and a sundried tomato sauce that enriches the flavours of the free range chicken. The dish is then served with tzatziki, pitta and a Greek style salad.

To captivate and complement the flavours of the dish, we recommend our lovely Chardonnay (or Pinot Noir if you preferred red).

And for our vegetarian guests, we offer our Halloumi Souvlaki on a bed of beetroot hummus (recently complimented by Red Magazine!).

If that’s got your taste buds tingling, you can book a table now online (or order as a takeaway).




Who’s the Newbie?


There’s a new arrival at W&B for all you lovely ale drinkers! May we introduce to you to the Meantime Brewery Company – London Pale Ale.

With traditional notes of imported Californian hops (called centennial & cascade) this ale has a complex citrus aroma that makes it perfect with food. For even more complexity, ‘buckets’ full of Kentish goldings are added bringing a stimulating bitterness to it’s formula.

Meantime describe the flavours as a “heady mix of spearmint, grass and ‘hop sack’ aromas, fruity citrus flavours and a bitter finish that makes pale ale drinking a truly rewarding experience”.

We couldn’t agree more! Try it with our beautifully aromatic half roast chicken or our crispy roast chicken burger – the perfect combination.


Back to our Roots


With our exciting new menu flying out of the kitchen, we thought it was good timing to take a look at the heart of our food: our fabulous free range chicken.

From our souvlaki to our chargrilled fillet burger, everyone knows chicken is our thing and delivering the best quality food and service is our number one priority.

Our Grade A chickens are sourced from the lovely fields of the Yorkshire Wolds. Here in Yorkshire is the home of the Churchill Farm (amongst others) run by the Soanes family. Slow grown and able to roam, our free range poultry are reared to the highest standards.

We caught up with Nigel Upson, the general manager of Soanes Poultry, for more information and some history. Here’s what he said:

“T.Soanes & Son is Yorkshire’s Premier Poultry Supplier and was established by Tom Soanes as a farm-based family business in 1947.

Our free range chickens are grown on carefully selected farms dedicated to free range poultry. They have a large area of lush grass in which to roam and forage and enjoy a nutritious cereal based diet supplemented with whatever grubs and bugs they find in the pasture.

Soanes Poultry has seen huge growth in demand for its free range chicken and is planning an expansion of free range numbers grown on the Yorkshire Wolds. We put this demand down to the quality and taste of our offering and the confidence our customers have in the care of these birds.”

Whole grain-fed and air chilled, after delivery our lovely kitchen team prep and cook the birds to bring you beautiful dishes like our sriracha and honey glazed wings and grilled chicken paillard.




Spotlight on Nazmi


It’s been a while since we have featured a member of the team on our blog, so we thought it was about time we told you a bit about our General Manager – Nazmi.

With over 17 years worth of experience in the industry and a vast CV in hospitality, Naz took the reins at the restaurant earlier this year and is loving every minute of it.

He is a strong believer that the secret of a good restaurant is “a fun team with great personalities giving service with a smile.” Working with the mantra that “communication is the key to success” we sat down with him for quick fire question session.

So Nazmi, Halloween or Christmas?

Definitely Christmas! Something about this time of year makes me really appreciate the little things. When the cold weather roles in, I love how the environment changes. Everyone you see, even in central London, has a little spring in their step because of the festive atmosphere. The restaurant has a warm buzz and is alive with people celebrating the festive season. Everyone decorates their houses and of course we deck the halls of W&B too! The flavours of Christmas are warm, hearty and comforting. I could go on and on – I absolutely love it!

Cats or dogs?

Dogs, but some cats are great too.

Wings or Goujons?

Oh god, how can you make me choose? Goujons, if I need my crispy crunchy fix. But if I’m feeling the need for some spice, I’d have to go for our new Sriracha wings.

Beer or cider?

I’m really not a beer man so it has to be cider. Nothing beats a nice beer garden or terrace in the sun with an ice cold refreshing cider!

Favourite holiday location?



I recently got back from a break in Croatia and it was so beautiful. It wasn’t my first time but every time I go I just get so surprised by the beautiful scenery. It’s seriously one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. The weather is scorching hot (which is always a bonus) and it’s close to my family so It always brings me good memories.

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

Summer is my favourite season of the year, I’m a summer junkie and love feeling the sun on my skin. Nothing beats an ice cold cider or a whiskey, sitting in the beautiful heat and just relaxing on a day off!

Favourite dish at W&B?

5 spice chicken. There’s something so incredible about the infusion of spices in the half roast. It’s got a great little kick to it which compliments the sesame oil veg that comes with it. It’s the best free-range chicken I’ve ever had in London and I could eat it everyday!

Favourite Quote?

Dream big, work hard and always smile.


I love cooking. I make a mean steak, an incredible roast dinner, pretty good fish, and have mastered many pasta dishes. When I’m outside of the kitchen I like to play and watch snooker. I’ve loved it since I was a kid.

Funny fact? 

So, in 1999 I got my first hospitality job working in a club around Carnaby Street. I worked there with a group of friends and it was really fun. After a hectic night shift we all went to get the bus home to South London. I was absolutely knackered and fell asleep on the night bus but didn’t think it was an issue as I was with all my work mates. Boy, was I wrong!  My ‘friends’ thought it would be hilarious to just leave me on the bus and see how far I would go. I woke up in a startled panic in Harrow (North London) in broad day light on a packed bus full of commuters (and made a bit of a fool of myself as it took me so long to realise what was going on). At least I was on the right bus to get me back home!

Thank you Nazmi! You’ve been great!

No worries, if anyone would like a free plate of wings on me quote ‘Nazonthenightbus’ to your waiter and I’ll get them right to you!

Hungry this Halloween?


With the streets feeling a little bit colder and the ghouls ready to come out for Halloween, we’ve been noticing our dishes are getting a little bit freaky!

freekahTo start with try our bizarre and boo-tiful burrata, served with delica pumpkin seeds roasted in our fiery hells kitchen – this dish is like a revenge best served cold and will leave you in spine-shaking delight.

And we shouldn’t forget our spicy sriracha wings – flying in from the underworld to tease your taste buds!

Our freeky freekeh salad has been vamped up for this weekend – drizzled in sherry vinegar with radishes, blood curdling broccoli and chilling chickpeas.

Then there’s our ghoulish and gooey sticky toffee pudding – bewitched and drizzled with butterscotch, this dessert will leave your mouth-watering for more of the beastly banana ice cream.


Winging it with Sriracha


As the weather is getting colder we are spicing things up here in Soho on our new menu! And today we are talking about Sriracha!

The saucy spice is featured in our new ‘Sriracha & honey glazed wings‘ and it’s proving a very popular dish.

This growing popularity has left us wanting to talk a little bit about its origins, which are quite fascinating.

With the world growing more welcoming to spice and the hot sauce industry booming, Sriracha has become a household name, but that was never the intention of CEO David Tran.

The sauce was created in the 1980s because founder Tran couldn’t find a hot sauce to satisfy his palate. Realising that a large proportion of the Southeast Asian community in his new home of Los Angeles struggled to get that satisfaction too, he decided to do something about it and make a sauce himself.

Digging deeper into the beginnings of the ‘Huy fong’ sauce, we discovered that Tran’s intention for the sauce was not to make money but simply to allow people to enjoy their food more.

img_6363So what makes Sriracha different from other hot sauces on the market and why does the whole world love it so much? Well, the secret behind the sauce is that most hot condiments are made with dried chillies but Tran will only ever use fresh chillies.

The company’s growth has its challenges – finding the perfect place to harvest the chillies to meet the demand has been a significant factor (the environment has to be perfect and vast to grow the perfect chilli!).

”We can only grow as quickly as our ability to harvest chillies” says David Tran.

Now turning up the heat and growing massively more popular in restaurants, investors have tried to get involved with the brand but Tran isn’t interested in profits and only cares about making Huy Fong food taste brilliant.

We love the sauce, we love the story and, of course, we love the rooster – so why not book a table and come try our delicious wings.

New Winter Menu



We’ve now launched our NEW Winter Menu and it’s packed with good old favourites, new twists on old dishes, and brand new delights.

For starters, we’ve got two new warming soups – a classic chicken & puy lentil broth served with a granary wedge, and an intriguing parsnip & apple soup served with sour dough. There’s also sriracha & honey glazed wings with sesame seeds, a pork & apple scotch egg with piccalilli mayo, and a brand new veggie starter – burrata with roasted delica pumpkin, rocket pesto & toasted pumpkin seeds.

In the mains section, we’ve got a new chicken supreme with watercress, chorizo & saffron aioli, a delicious freekah, chickpea, radish, broccoli & dukkah salad with sherry vinegar dressing, and a new twist on our half roasted chicken – now marinated with five spice and served with green beans, shallots & sesame seeds.

And we are super excited about our brand new roast chicken crispy burger with gravy mayo, crispy chicken skin and sage & onion relish. For vegetarians, there’s also a portabello mushroom burger, with mature cheddar, sweet potato hummus, gremolata & tomato relish.

If that’s not enough, our new desserts feature a baked peanut butter cheesecake with crème fraiche, plus a sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce & banana ice cream.

Book a table now, and come and give the new menu a try. We always love your feedback.