Whyte & Brown: Free Range Chicken



This one originated from Scout Editions. Did you know, pigeons belong to the same family as doves – the Columbidae family? There are some…

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Bull & Terrier

We loved these so much we had to get a few. Artist Kerry Eggleton of Mashka’s Marvellous Menagerie creates vibrant and characterful anthropomorphic…

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Punky Monkey

This print is from Rugman Art, who’s credentials are pretty impressive. Over the last 15 years, Anthony has worked as a graphic artist…

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Barraband Parrot

We started with a couple of prints from Kristjana  and have recently added this third one. We love her work, and it appears…

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This print is from the uber talented Fly Chen. Fly has a great love for modern art and in particular pop art.  He…

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Hummingbird Cocktail

This delightful little print is from Robbie Porter (link: robbieporter.co.uk) – an award winning Scottish illustrator who claims to currently be ‘getting lost…

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I Like You

We original had this little cutie plus a number of other prints from Jolly Awesome proudly displayed in our toilets, but all but…

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This one’s from Rude Ltd they design, they draw and they make stuff). Here’s a little about the folks at Rude. In 1998…

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New fast & filling lunch combos

We understand that for your everyday lunch break you need speed. You may not have the time to linger over our full range of starters,…

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