Whyte & Brown: Free Range Chicken


Meet the Team – Conor

Here at Whyte & Brown we love to provide our wonderful customers with fantastic service. Conor is part of exactly that. Friendly and energetic we can always…

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Retreat to the Court

Kingly Court is situated just off the well known Carnaby Street. In and around Kingly Court you can find many gems – including us,…

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It’s National Beer Day!

We love National Beer Day (who doesn’t?). We all know that Britain is fond of a good beer but did you know that…

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Here comes Father’s Day

 This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday 21st June – that’s less than 2 weeks…

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Festival Dos and Don’ts

In the last few years the festival scene has really exploded with the number of available tickets expanding from 1.2 million to…

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Connect with us on Twitter for Regular Contests

Keep up with our twitter account for free yummies and fun events! We’ve got some big plans for lots of upcoming…

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Carnaby Shopping Party

With 20% off and free tickets to the shopping extravaganza you’d be crazy to miss out.

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Half Term happenings for the kids

Wondering what you can possibly do to entertain the little ones for an entire week! Fear not, we’ve looked into it and come up…

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National Vegetarian Week

It isn’t just London Wine Week, it’s National Vegetarian Week! Now, we know that we’re a chicken and beer restaurant but that…

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