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Five strange food etiquettes from around the world

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Here at Whyte & Brown, we’re not too fussed about food etiquette. Whether you use chop sticks, a spoon or simply slurp our King prawn and free-range chicken soup, we really don’t mind. Still, it’s good to know what’s expected around the dinner table in different parts of the world.

1. Never put a fork in your mouth in Thailand
It’s considered crude to put your fork into your mouth in Thailand. Instead, use the fork to push food into your spoon and then put it your mouth.

2. Wait your turn in Korea
Don’t take a bite until the eldest male around the table has started his meal.

3. Sip soup from the side of your spoon in Britain
When eating soup in Britain, sip from the side of the spoon and always tilt the spoon away from you.

4. Get ready to leave when given a full cup of tea in Kazakh
Don’t be disappointed if your host in Kazakh pours you a half cup of tea. A full cup is a sign they want you to leave.

5. Don’t finish your plate in the Philippines
If you’re full, never finish your plate in the Philippines (or Cambodia and Egypt for that matter). A clean plate is a sign you want more.