Whyte & Brown: Free Range Chicken

Yorkshire free range chickens

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With our exciting new menu flying out of the kitchen, we thought it was good timing to take a look at the heart of our food: our fabulous free range chicken.

From our souvlaki to our chargrilled fillet burger, everyone knows chicken is our thing and delivering the best quality food and service is our number one priority.

Our Grade A chickens are sourced from the lovely fields of the Yorkshire Wolds. Here in Yorkshire is the home of the Churchill Farm (amongst others) run by the Soanes family. Slow grown and able to roam, our free range poultry are reared to the highest standards.

We caught up with Nigel Upson, the general manager of Soanes Poultry, for more information and some history. Here’s what he said:

“T.Soanes & Son is Yorkshire’s Premier Poultry Supplier and was established by Tom Soanes as a farm-based family business in 1947.

Our free range chickens are grown on carefully selected farms dedicated to free range poultry. They have a large area of lush grass in which to roam and forage and enjoy a nutritious cereal based diet supplemented with whatever grubs and bugs they find in the pasture.

Soanes Poultry has seen huge growth in demand for its free range chicken and is planning an expansion of free range numbers grown on the Yorkshire Wolds. We put this demand down to the quality and taste of our offering and the confidence our customers have in the care of these birds.”

Whole grain-fed and air chilled, after delivery our lovely kitchen team prep and cook the birds to bring you beautiful dishes like our sriracha and honey glazed wings and grilled chicken paillard.