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Brief history of the humble Scotch Egg

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We all know what a scotch egg is but did you know it’s actually thought to have only been around for less than 300 years!

London’s very own Fortnum & Mason are thought to have invented Scotch eggs back in 1738. The oldest known recipe for Scotch eggs appeared in 1809 in what was quite possible the most popular cookbook of it’s time: A New System of Domestic Cookery.

Scotch eggs are a hard-boiled egg, traditionally, inside sausage meat that has been bread crumbed and baked or fried. Our menu has featured a number of Scotch eggs since we opened. Currently, our it’s a pork and apple scotch egg with delicious piccalilli mayo.

We get lots of Scotch egg related compliments (how often do you get to say that in a sentence?) so we recommend you pop in and give them a try!