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Our new love affair with coffee

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Go back ten years and the typical Saturday afternoon invite from a friend would have been “let’s go to the pub” rather than today’s usual summoning of “let’s try this new coffee shop.”

So how do we explain a nation of lager and tea drinkers surrendering to the milky seduction of the latte?

2013 saw a 15% rise in the opening of independent coffee shops in the UK, with London leading the way. By comparison, the Campaign for Real Ale says British pubs are closing at the rate of 31 a week. It seems the way in which coffee is being consumed has changed; now that people consider coffee shops as a social venue (even a workplace) they are in direct competition with pubs. The combination of ever-elevating alcohol prices and The Rise of The Health Junkie has rendered going out for coffee an affordable and healthy alternative. Couple that with background music, free Wi-Fi and Friends-esque conversation on slumpy sofas and you’ve got the same gratification of a pub visit.

Luckily, you can kill two birds with one stone here by wrapping your hands round a warm coffee, sipping on a cold craft beer or treating yourself to both!