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Mind Body

Here in Carnaby you can give both a boost. Get ready to fuel yourself right and fit in some relaxation time. We’re about to give you the low down on some good haunts. Let’s go!

Whole Foods Market 

A few minutes walk away in Piccadilly Circus (Glasshouse Street to be precise) you can find the fantastic Whole Foods Market.

One of the key ingredients to health is excellent food and you can certainly pick that up here! We won’t even try to list all the beautiful foods you can buy here – you’ll just have to trust us that there’s lots of organic loveliness to be found.

WFM have a great website full of lots of information and recipes, we really recommend you go and have a nose!


There’s more to a healthy body and mind than some good food and that, friends, is where Cowshed comes in.

Cowshed is a spa and beauty brand with a spa and shop in Foubert’s Place, just off Carnaby Street.

Relax with a Head Massage, Salt Scrub and Massage, Skin Perfecting Facial or Back Cleanse to name but a few. Whilst you’re stopping by you can take a look at their fantastic range of products including Spearmint Exoliating Sea Salt Scrub, Moody Cow Balancing Room Diffuser or Knackered Cow Relaxing Travel Candles.

Sanook Spa 

The Sanook Spa can be find in the Courthouse Hotel on Great Marlborough Street (mere seconds from Carnaby Street).

We know, we know. Another spa. But this one has a glass treatment room. Yes, that’s right. The treatment room is not only made of glass but also situated right above a beautiful pool. It truly adds another dimension to the experience.

The range of treatments is a little more varied and include Hot Stone, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages, Soothing Salt Full Body Exfoliation and Radiance Facials.

Walk in Backrub 

You don’t even have to book massages here. Just walk right on in! In fact, you can find them near us in Kingly Court on the second floor. Once you’re all relaxed feel free to pop by for a drink!

In the Walk In Backrub shops (there’s a few around London) you can get an effective massage condensed into just 10 or 20 minutes (although longer sessions are available). Perfect if you’re having a stressful day and need to relieve a little bit of tension. Despite the name you can also grab a good Footrub too!