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Hidden gems of Carnaby Street: Carry Me Home

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Carnaby Street is full of hidden gems; quirky shops filled with gorgeous vintage clothes, beautiful boutiques stocked with unusual gifts and some brilliant places to eat and drink. Each month we’re shining the spotlight on a hidden gem of Carnaby Street. This month our reporter Victoria popped down to baby boutique Carry Me Home:

Great for: impossibly adorable baby and toddler clothes

On the top floor of Kingly Court, a little boutique showcasing tiny sweaters and cute little tights in the windows catches your eye. As you peer closer, you see inside to a collection of baby clothes that are somehow a combination of adorable, preppy, and cute while designed with everything from animals to daring prints. The bottom line? Any toddler dressed in these items would be darling.

Photo pf baby outfits

Whatever the occasion, your first baby to your friend’s shower, Carry Me Home has it covered. All the clothes are either from Gayle’s (the owner) own collection or other British or European Designers she loves the look of.

 “When buying something for a baby, you’re actually buying something for the parents”

is Gayle’s full-proof strategy. She uses a tried and tested system of taking into account everything from what the parents wear to the type of industry they’re in in order to help customers find the perfect gift.

Carry Me Home is the only independent baby boutique in West London and is located in Kingly Court off of Carnaby Street, right above Whyte & Brown.