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Love Food Give Food

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We believe that no child should have to go without food and so we’re very happy to announce that we are participating in the Love Food Give Food campaign.

For all of September and October we’ll be helping to raise money for Action Against Hunger. Just £1 will feed a malnourished child for an entire day.

Last year the Love Food Give Food programme helped a whopping 13.64 million people in 47 different countries and we’re very proud to have contributed to such an amazing campaign. This year we are hoping to help even more people who are suffering from malnutrition and the associated health problems. Money raised by the LFGF campaign goes towards improving conditions and, mostly importantly, dealing with the problem of world hunger by tackling the cause.


We’re going to fight for a future without child hunger. Will you join us?

Please give us your support by coming into the restaurant between now and the end of October! You can find out where else is participating here.