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Meet the Team – Conor

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Here at Whyte & Brown we love to provide our wonderful customers with fantastic service. Conor is part of exactly that. Friendly and energetic we can always count on him to give a super warm welcome.

Originally from Ireland, Conor is an absolute delight to have in the restaurant. He’s been with us since we first opened our doors in July 2013 and is one of our senior waiters – who’s always happy to step in and give us a hand where we need it!

There’s a lot more to our fantastic staff than meets the eye so we had a little chat with Conor to dig a bit deeper and help you begin to get to know our simply ace staff.


Hi Conor, we’ve got some questions for you. Are you ready?


Great. We want to know if you need a coffee to perk you up at work?

Yes, definitely. Normally I would have a really lovely iced coffee or a double macchiato. I’m not as hardcore as the italians here – I need some milk to lessen the blow! I definitely, definitely need a coffee to get me going.

Talking of drinks, you’re surrounded by them in the restaurant – do you enjoy a craft beer yourself or is that not your tipple of choice?

I was never really into beer until I started working here. My palette was pretty immature! Beer was such a no go – because I have a very sweet tooth. Now I really would enjoy a beer with a meal. I would have a stout or a craft beer. Actually I would drink stout on it’s own, but then again I am Irish.

What are you some of your favourite things about working at Whyte & Brown?

The people. It’s all about the people for me! I love my colleagues, we’re all like a bit family here. But there’s lots of different things to enjoy about working here. You’ve got the regular customers, they’re always really nice and the gorgeous courtyard and the food here is incredible.

Conor2Let’s change it up. If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

That’s so difficult! I would say observant, charming and a little bit crazy.

Now, what 3 words would you use to describe the team?

Crazy, definitely. Hard working and respectful.

We’ll take that as 3 words! We know that you guys enjoy some Apres Poulet (after work drinks!), so what are your favourite nearby haunts?

I could LIVE in Cahoots for the rest of my life. Cahoots is incredible. It’s the place to go after work! We know the guys down there, but it’s not just about that. It’s such a good atmosphere, it’s got the electro swing music and this incredible cocktail list. It’s got such a great quirky vibe. It’s just something different. Cahoots is great, but Rum Kitchen is really good as well – they’re opposite us in Kingly Court. They do great cocktails too and they’re very friendly. Proper RnB, it’s really cool.

As our blackboard extraordinare in chief, have you always been creative?

I have. I’m sure that shocks you to your very core! No, I’ve always been interested in the arts. From a really young age, at school I did my exams in music, art and drama. Outside of Whyte & Brown I’m an actor as well, I trained at a drama school, I do musical theatre and play the piano. Everything to do with the arts interests me. I think food comes in there too, there’s a certain artistry to that. Plating up food and matching foods with wines. Anything creative.


Talking of acting! What roles have you played recently?

At the moment I’m doing a lot of things. I’m juggling a lot of roles here! I’ve got a tour coming up, I’m doing a show called Miss Nightingale set in 1940s London. One of the characters is a Jewish guy who has ‘escaped the annex’ and that’s the guy I’m playing. He’s a gay character and there’s a lot of equality and politics in the show. And of course it’s a musical! So I’ll be playing piano, singing, dancing and doing all these crazy things. I also do some free lance film work and lots of other stuff too!

You keep busy! When you get home, how do you kick back and relax?

Game of Thrones. Definitely. I’m a massive Game of Thrones fan. I’m also a massive, massive Nintendo nerd so I’ll be playing my Super Nintendo and the Wii and stuff like that. I’ll also play the piano, do some writing or having a drink!

Arya_Stark_4Who is your favourite Game of Thrones character then?

Arya. Definitely Arya. She’s this young girl and she’s so cool and so badass, she’s so powerful. I love Maisie Williams as an actress as well, she’s so good and I love where Arya’s storyline is going.

On your days off, what are you likely to be up to? If it’s not playing Nintendo games, watching Game of Thrones or playing piano!

Generally, I like to have a lie in on my days off. I also love to cook. I love to cook with my housemates. The other night we made an am-a-zing Mexican feast. I also like going to the park and just chilling, having a little snooze in the sun!

Fabulous, thanks for chatting Conor!

Not at all!