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If the thought of entertaining the kids at home during the long summer holiday is making your hands a little sweaty – this is for you. We’ve got some great ideas for easy and fun things to do at home.


Make a fort!

Making a fort is a win-win situation. You’ve already got all the stuff, the little ones can’t get hurt and it’s surprisingly easy to put away when all is said and done. Grab some pegs, blankets, pillows, cushions and find a good spot. An easy option is to use chairs and sofas to hang your blanket over. The kids will love having somewhere to hide away and read, play cafes or just hang out in. You’ll be surprised at how satisfying fort building can be!

Set the kids loose with some chalks

Not in the house! This isn’t as scary as it sounds – we promise. If you’ve got a patio just hand over those chalks and let them have at it. Children love creating masterpieces on anything other than paper and the bonus of chalk is that the rain will get to it (or you can get the house out!). Don’t forget to tell them that drawing on the floor is an outside only rule though!

Bake some yummy treats

Don’t worry if you’re not quite on par with The Bake Off! There’s lots of easy little things you can make that will still go down well. Think chocolate cornflake cakes, gingerbread men and fairy cakes. BBC Good Food has an entire kids baking section with lots of fool proof recipes that we think are definitely worth checking out.

Finger (and toe!) painting

This is another outdoorsy one that’s great in the summer. But this is London, so if you haven’t got a garden we recommend downsizing the activity to do in your kitchen. Get hold of some big pieces of paper and some paint to set up in the garden. Put them in some old clothes – but if the paint is washable you won’t have to worry about it not coming out in the wash anyway! Once they’ve finished you can hose the area (and them!) off. If you’re sticking to the kitchen just ensure the paint is washable so you’ll be able to wipe it off the floor (you can also put newspaper down if this puts your mind more at ease!). Easy peasy.

X marks the spot, send your kids on a treasure hunt!

Actually, no sending is really required! This is one that can be done in the house, the garden or even at park. It requires a little bit of setting up, but nothing complicated. You’ll need to create some clues that lead on to each other (be sure to number them so you don’t get yourself confused!) and put them in the relevant locations. Hide a little something fun at the end for the kids to find. Treasure hunts are great because they’re very easy to adapt to your children’s age groups. Got older kids? Keep the clues riddled and cryptic. Got tiny little ones? Do the clues in picture form.

Work off some energy with a home disco

You can take this one as far as you fancy. Keep it simple by turning the lights down and the upbeat music on or go the whole hog by decorating and encouraging the kids to dress up. Perfect for a day at home!

We’ll be coming up with some ideas of places to go and things to see during the summer holidays soon. As the holidays draw in we’ll also be posting some useful tips and links on Twitter so connect with us @whyteandbrown and keep your eyes peeled!