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Team Fashionista

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Our gorgeous team here at Whyte & Brown has always been filled with interesting and talented individuals. Whether it’s behind the bar or serving your table, all of our staff have a great story to tell.

In today’s post we want to talk about our resident fashionista, Greta. She’s been with the restaurant for over two years. But as well as W&B, Greta’s passion lies in designing and creating beautiful clothes. Since starting high school at age 11, Greta has been obsessed with the fashion industry. She started studying fashion design from an early age and then progressed on to University in her home country of Italy. Since moving to the UK, she’s been looking for a way to unleash this passion and talent and has recently found the perfect outlet in Bricklane Market.

In the summer this year, Greta started working with an east-end designer called Klaudia Krol who specialises in cool and quirky customised jackets. The pair create incredibly intricate hand-made designs that sit perfectly on vintage jackets and have become a roaring success. With a focus on attention to detail, these jackets are truly works of art!

With the new year rolling up Greta and Klaudia (under the name ‘Red Leatherette’) will be finding a new studio to expand their east London based collection.

To check out Greta’s work, and more amazing vintage finds, head over to the ‘BrickLane Vintage Market’ and say hi.