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Weird & wonderful wine facts

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Grab your glass (and maybe the bottle too), sit back, relax and prepare yourself for 10 fantastic facts.

You can open a bottle of wine with your shoe

Really. It’s actually surprisingly easy, here’s a video:

Women get more drunk on wine than men because science

There is an enzyme in the stomach lining that metabolises wine and men simply have more of it than women.

In Ancient Greece your cup emptied itself if it was too full

Luckily this is 2015 – we don’t think we could cope with that. The cup was designed to ensure moderation, if the cup was overfilled the wine would begin to pour straight out of the bottom. Check out this picture to get the gist! This monstrosity is known as the Phythagorean or Pythagoras cup.

In Japan you can bath in red wine

At the Yunessun Spa Resort, specifically. Apparently it’s very rejuvenating! There is a 3.6m wine bottle by the bath too, if you were wondering.

You can clean wine with wine

Spilt a glass of red wine? No problem – just pour a glass of white wine over it to flood out the stain and then use a towel or cloth immediately to soak up all the liquid.

Music could affect your wine choice

In 1997 an experiment discovered that when French music was played in the shop more French wine was bought and that when German music was playing more German wine was purchased.

Some people have wine phobia

It’s called Oenophobia.

The ancient Egyptians Kings were kind of scared of red wine

The resemblance to blood put the ancient Egyptians off! They believed that it was this colour because the vines that produced the wine grew in the blood of those who had battled against the gods. We’re not too sure what that means either. White wine residue was found in Tutankhamun’s tomb so at least the poor souls got to enjoy some wine – even if they missed out on red!

Grapes are the world’s fruit #1

Grape vines are the world’s number 1 fruit crop in terms of planted land.

You can use wine to clean your fruit and vegetables

We’re not sure why you would waste wine on this task when baking soda works just fine, but if you’re out of baking soda and desperately need clean fruit and veg then this informational tidbit is for you!

So, who’s ready for another glass?