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Which Came First – Pina Colada or Tom Collins?

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W&B CocktailsNot a lot of people know that ‘Piña Colada’ means ‘strained pineapple’, a reference to the juice used in the drink’s preparation. Three Puerto Rican bartenders contest the ownership of their country’s national drink, but the truth is that rum and pineapple have been mixed together pretty much since rum was first distilled, and the first written reference to a Piña Colada was in 1922.

In 1874, people in the United States would start a conversation by asking “Have you seen Tom Collins?” When the listener predictably reacted by explaining that they did not know Tom Collins, they would be told that Tom Collins was “just around the corner”, “in a local bar,” or somewhere else near.  The Great Tom Collins hoax of 1874, as it became known, encouraged people to act foolishly by falling for patent nonsense. The recipe for the Tom Collins cocktail first appeared in the 1876 edition of Jerry Thomas’ “The Bartender’s Guide”.

Verdict: Tom Collins

Here at Whyte & Brown we have our own take on these classic cocktails.  Our Peachelada contains golden rum shaken with peach, honey & ginger juice, and served long with golden ale.  Our Gin-Spring Collins is a herbal and refreshing drink of gin & whisky with fresh lemon & vanilla soda.  Click here for more from our amazing bar menu.