Whyte & Brown: Free Range Chicken

Why is free range better?

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We love happy chickens, which is why all our chickens and eggs are free range. But there’s more to free range than just happy chickens.

Did you know that, compared with non-free range, free range eggs have been found to have:

  • Less saturated fat
  • Less cholesterol
  • More vitamin A
  • More vitamin E
  • More omega-3 fatty acids

All this goodness helps to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure low, reduce your risk of many health problems including diabetes, strokes and arthritis, boost your circulatory system and keep your teeth and bones healthy! On top of this the yolks are brighter and the eggs themselves are much, much tastier.

Chickens who have been able to do normal chickeny things, such as eat bugs, have dust baths and scratch around naturally, taste better. Free range chickens grow slower and have longer lifespans.

Free range really is best all round. The chickens live happier lives, we get to reap all the health and taste benefits.