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Winging it with Sriracha

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As the weather is getting colder we are spicing things up here in Soho on our new menu! And today we are talking about Sriracha!

The saucy spice is featured in our new ‘Sriracha & honey glazed wings‘ and it’s proving a very popular dish.

This growing popularity has left us wanting to talk a little bit about its origins, which are quite fascinating.

With the world growing more welcoming to spice and the hot sauce industry booming, Sriracha has become a household name, but that was never the intention of CEO David Tran.

The sauce was created in the 1980s because founder Tran couldn’t find a hot sauce to satisfy his palate. Realising that a large proportion of the Southeast Asian community in his new home of Los Angeles struggled to get that satisfaction too, he decided to do something about it and make a sauce himself.

Digging deeper into the beginnings of the ‘Huy fong’ sauce, we discovered that Tran’s intention for the sauce was not to make money but simply to allow people to enjoy their food more.

So what makes Sriracha different from other hot sauces on the market and why does the whole world love it so much? Well, the secret behind the sauce is that most hot condiments are made with dried chillies but Tran will only ever use fresh chillies.

The company’s growth has its challenges – finding the perfect place to harvest the chillies to meet the demand has been a significant factor (the environment has to be perfect and vast to grow the perfect chilli!).

”We can only grow as quickly as our ability to harvest chillies” says David Tran.

Now turning up the heat and growing massively more popular in restaurants, investors have tried to get involved with the brand but Tran isn’t interested in profits and only cares about making Huy Fong food taste brilliant.

We love the sauce, we love the story and, of course, we love the rooster – so why not book a table and come try our delicious wings.