Whyte & Brown: Free Range Chicken


January is about much more than just about taking the healthy option, it’s about making decisions that have a wider impact, whether that’s the food we consume or our choice of drinks.



Our plant based menu focuses not only championing great produce but ensures we align with our sustainable ethos. Our menu will give a home to second grade butternut squash for January. We’ll also be reusing otherwise wasted broccoli stems for a interesting new bar snack. Click here to check out the full menu. A perfect accompaniment for our new non-alcoholic cocktail menu.



There’s plenty more of the good stuff going on this January, from extending our current partnerships to developing relationships with others to do our bit to help. In 2019 we supported Belu water by raising over £8000 for WaterAid through the filtered water system. We became part of the Blue Turtle Scheme in partnership with Carnaby, supporting efforts to safeguard our planet’s ocean. That’s just the start of things. Check out our blog to find out a little bit more about the good stuff.